Willemijn Berendsen

Concern Controller / Data Scientist
It’s fantastic that my development as a professional is important within HTG. My roles and tasks offer me the opportunity to really make a difference to the business.
  1. What did you study, and was your mind made up about the type of role you wanted in the business?

    I completed a Business Economics bachelor’s degree in Groningen and then two master’s degrees at the University of Groningen, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Innovation Management. My goal was to fulfill a role with both operational and strategic aspects. I felt I would enjoy project work the most, so that you can complete one project and move on to the next. That is exactly what I found at HTG.

  2. How did you end up at HTG?

    HTG offered me the opportunity to write my master thesis, because this was where I could be “close to the action” and link my two study subjects – logistics and innovation. I was able to connect the two by researching the logistical organization within the e-commerce discipline.

  3. Could you tell us more about your career progression within the company?

    Right from the start, I was given full responsibility for a large project aimed at developing a cost model for our logistics service provision. I then wholeheartedly embraced various projects on rota scheduling and logistical staffing during the year that followed. The fact I had to navigate the different departments, such as Finance, HR, and Logistics, was a challenge for me. Over the last two years, I have been able to develop further in a business function role within B&S, where the “Digital First” theme is a big priority.

  4. What does your current role entail?

    My role has been twofold since the start of this year. Within Concern Control, I am involved in the development of the Finance department through digitisation and automation. In addition, the Data Science department has carved out some space for me. A relatively new discipline, especially at HTG. Exactly the reason it’s so interesting to be involved right from the start. It’s fantastic that my development as a professional is deemed important. These roles offer me the opportunity to really make a difference to the business.

  5. What does a typical workday involve?

    First, I enjoy a cup of coffee while going through the immediate issues at hand within the various financial systems. It is important to have an overview of the entire process, from purchasing to sales. This also provides insights into necessary improvements and the chance to assess the best areas for robotisation, which can then be implemented by our small team. On other days, I’m at the Data Science department, working on new business cases and searching for opportunities to arrive at a properly substantiated solution or recommendation. This is where I learn how to apply and utilise new analysis techniques and statistical methods.

  6. Are there any plans and projects for the future you are looking forward to?

    There are some great projects planned within our e-commerce discipline, with commercial and logistical angles. We’re not able to achieve this ambition without a focus on automation!