Sergio Soekhoe

Business Process Analyst
At the end of the day, success is my responsibility and that’s satisfying.
  1. Sergio, how did you end up at HTG?

    An agency approached me on LinkedIn, and after a telephone interview, I was invited to a meeting at HTG. I had heard of the company’s name through my network. The first time I visited HTG, I was immediately wowed. I wasn’t actively looking for a new job, but there was an instant match. A great time to make the switch!

  2. You already had some experience; what could HTG offer you?

    The innovation projects jumped out at me straight away. I read something on the website about the Autostore and that appealed to me. The first meeting in particular made me realize there are many opportunities here – it is a large and international organization, a great new step for me. HTG aims to keep growing every year, and that’s a good fit with my own ambitions.

  3. What are your tasks as a Business Process Analyst (BPA)?

    HTG uses its service desk as the first point of contact for IT questions from within the business. If the question is too complex for the service desk, it is my job as a BPA to figure out what is going on. I will enter into dialogue with the business, but also involve our external developer. We work with our own ERP system, for instance. The business may encounter bugs or issues may occur. This could be a pallet in Logistics that remains unloaded, or when someone in Procurement and Sales is unable to reserve goods in the system. I will carry out testing to ascertain the issue. Constant agile maneuvering to see where the issue could lie, and providing a solution as quickly as possible: we don’t call this support, we refer to it as ‘running the business’. I also manage the HR applications. This environment is becoming more and more complex and requires more attention. All in all, my role is really about being a constant liaison between the user and IT.

  4. What makes you look forward to coming to the office on Monday mornings?

    My work and my colleagues are both reasons I like coming to work! There is an informal atmosphere in our department and we always try to involve one another in projects. There’s a daily stand-up, where each team gives updates and talks about what they are working on. We also see each other regularly outside of work, to visit a beer festival for instance. When it comes to the actual work, you are responsible for your own tasks. This adds extra motivation for me to tackle problems and monitor progress properly: after all, success is my responsibility and that’s satisfying.

  5. Are you currently working on a nice project?

    Right now, I am working on a time registration system for HR. This project actually came up because of the new privacy legislation. The new rules meant we could no longer use our current system in Logistics for logging hours. HR asked for help to resolve the issue. As the IT steering group, we enter a dialogue because we can’t just choose any company to work with. We mapped the requirements through discussions with all managers from HR, Finance, and Logistics, extracting the must-haves for the new system. The next step is to explore parties able to supply a system, through desk research as well as talks with suppliers. Once we’ve made a decision in the steering group, we present our choice to the management team. If they approve, the pilot phase commences. The process as a whole is quite lengthy! We prefer the pilot to be ongoing for about 2 months, so we can properly test whether the system fits our environment.