Melanie van der Veen

HR Intern
I was welcomed into the group straight away, and I really felt that everyone believed in me.
  1. Melanie, can you tell us a bit more about your internship at HTG?

    I needed to find a 20-week internship for my Business Administration studies, where I could work on a Lean Six Sigma project as well as work within the department. The fact I found a position at a HR department was a logical choice for me: I am interested in the human processes within a business and the internship at HTG really aligned with this. As well as working on my Six Sigma project, I basically help with all the HR processes. This includes an active role in the recruitment & selection process, conducting progress reviews, helping with absenteeism interviews, taking minutes at meetings and keeping up with personnel administration.

    My goal was to gain experience at a medium-sized to large company, with an international focus. Before this, I lived in Spain for 6 months, so to end up at HTG in an international environment is a bonus.

  2. And how has your time with us been so far?

    I could not have imagined a better work experience internship! HTG really is an organization that is committed to development. What’s more, the culture here is informal and you’re not viewed as just a number, but genuinely valued as a member of the team. I like to come up with new ideas and I have noticed that my input is taken seriously at HTG.

    Measures related to the coronavirus were brought in halfway through my internship. It was a difficult situation, but my home office was set up in no time. The coaching and mentoring is now digital, but luckily still as often as before we were in this situation. We have a lot of team meetings and discussions via Microsoft Teams and I spend a day in the office now and then.

  3. HTG is located in Delfzijl, how do you commute?

    I live in Groningen and it goes without saying that I thought about how far I can and want to commute for an internship before I started. The traveling time to Delfzijl is not bad at all, thankfully. The station in Delfzijl is easy to get to by bus or train and from there, it’s only a ten-minute bike ride to HTG. I could also drive every now and then, which is also an easy way to get to work! The department was also very flexible, allowing me to adjust my working times to suit the public transport times.

  4. I am curious, how were you received by the department?

    In short, I was received very well by the team. I could even say ‘with open arms’ although that might sound a bit like a cliche. It’s great when you are welcomed into a team so warmly, it makes it easier to ask questions or share ideas. With many colleagues, I really get the feeling they genuinely believe in my ability. The fact I brought in goodies regularly might have helped! It also means the HTG gym is being put to good use ;).

  5. Finally, what tips do you have for future HR interns at HTG?

    Don’t be afraid to tackle problems, you’re here to learn after all!