Marije Schrage

Digital Content Specialist
From day one, I was given much freedom at HTG for my own input and ideas.
  1. Who are you?

    After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a Social Media Creator for one year at different companies. Because I wanted to understand content strategy from start to finish, I then started on my Master of Content & Media Strategy. In this master’s programme, I learned how to see from a strategic perspective how you can fulfil the content needs of the customer/consumer and the commercial objectives of an organization.

  2. How did come to work at HTG and what have you done here so far?

    After completing my studies, I came across a fun job opening in the Business Support Center department of HTG as Marketing & Communication Specialist. I applied for the job and have been working at HTG with much pleasure for the past 1.5 years. From day one, I was given much freedom at HTG for my own input and ideas. I started working on the re-design of the new Intranet, I have been busy with setting up and developing our websites, we have made various (animated) videos and we have participated in responding to communication/marketing requests from the business. Because I learned a lot about UX design and the user experience of digital software in this position, I knew this was one area I wanted to develop further in.

  3. Can you tell us about your new position at B&S Group?

    There is no better place to further my development than from the new E-commerce department of B&S Group. As such, I decided, in consultation with my manager, to make the transition to this new department as Digital Content Specialist. Here, I focus on the creative content for the websites, social media and newsletters. Because many of the E-commerce websites are still in their infancy, we are primarily focusing on the brand strategy and branding of the shops at this time. It is really fascinating to experience this process from the beginning and to figure out how we can best position the shops, which content is needed and what kind of creative output should go with it. You really feel like an entrepreneur within a company at times and this makes the work extra challenging and fun.

    The E-commerce landscape is a dynamic work field. As Digital Content Specialist, it is important to stay up to date and keep an eye on trends. In the future, I will focus on optimizing our content and improving the user experience of the E-commerce shops by way of human-centered design.