Jeroen Berends

Logistics Specialist
What I like about my role is improving internal processes and the contact with the commercial departments. Sometimes our interests clash, which makes it even better when we reach a compromise!
  1. Jeroen, how did you end up at HTG?

    Actually, it started through LinkedIn: a recruiter from HTG approached me. I had never heard of the company before, but my first impression was of a young and dynamic business steeped in new developments. This was the reason I entered into dialogue with HTG, even though I was in the middle of graduating. The conversations gave me a good feeling about the company and I really wanted to work here! I live near Emmen, so the distance means I probably wouldn’t have come across HTG if not for LinkedIn, so I’m glad we got to meet this way. HTG offers me more challenges than the companies in my own region. The commute is not an issue for me at all! I like driving and it’s nice that my work is in a different area.

  2. Could you tell us a bit more about your tasks and activities?

    My work is very varied, I’m lucky that every day is different for me. As a department, we are currently working on making sure all order flows are working their way through the system as smoothly as possible. The order flow runs from Procurement and Sales right up to Logistics. Procurement and Sales wants the system to provide a clear overview of what they can sell and logistics wants this information to be gathered as efficiently as possible.

    Of course, the ultimate objective is for the products to arrive at the customer as quickly as possible. Other tasks include keeping a close eye on stock, making sure the standard product details are of a high quality, and carrying out checks. Standard product details include all the information related to a product: color codes, measures and sizes, brand names and such. We regularly carry out our own checks to ensure that the incoming goods have actually been ordered and have been entered in the system correctly. We work with systems a lot, but we also have regular meetings with colleagues from Procurement and Sales and Logistics.

  3. What is the biggest challenge in your role?

    That the information in the system has to be exactly in line with the actual stock. Sometimes, not all information is available and we have to gather it ourselves. If something was entered into the system incorrectly, it could impact our customer deliveries. An example: suppose we entered 100 ml of perfume into the system as 50 ml of perfume. Most of the time, Logistics will let us know there’s an issue, and we’ll figure out the cause. Worst case scenario: the product has already been sold and has to be supplied to the customer. In this case, we will work together with Procurement and Sales to find a solution that suits both parties. What I like about my role is improving internal processes and the contact with the commercial departments. Sometimes our interests clash, which makes it even better when we reach a compromise!

  4. What are the must-haves for fitting in at your department?

    The main thing is to be agile. Your work activities not only differ every day, but also change in quick succession. What’s more, you have to be a real team player: we often work as a team and we meet and discuss matters with each other and different departments. The workload can be heavy at times, but we roll up our sleeves together so we know there’s time for a joke and a laugh again soon. You have to be good at finding the right balance.

  5. Last question, how do you envisage your future at HTG?

    I am striving to be in a more supervisory role, which also suits my educational background. For the year ahead, I want to work towards becoming the first point of contact for our department for our colleagues from Procurement and Sales and Logistics. It would be great if my work was no longer 100% operational tasks, giving me some time for projects. This could include improvement and optimization projects. HTG is already very committed to these and I want to contribute!