Harjan Knapper

Software Engineer
My input as an intern really made a difference. When I suggested far-reaching changes, nobody dismissed them or told me it was impossible. My suggestions were taken seriously and considered properly.
  1. Harjan, can you explain why you chose HTG for your graduation internship?

    It was a coincidence; an acquaintance was also doing a graduation internship at HTG. I asked him about his experiences at the company and he was very impressed with the great atmosphere at work. That sounded like music to my ears! During my first meeting with the IT manager, I was told certain things that were right up my alley with regard to an interesting graduation project. This, combined with the great work environment, meant I looked no further. I never even bothered to contact the other companies I had in mind.

  2. What was your graduation project about?

    I was tasked with setting up a system that makes product data available to other applications. This system can be utilised in other applications with ease, saving time in the long run. There are many different ways to develop something like this; different API architectures. I researched three different architectures: I compared the speed, among other things, and how easily they could be expanded in future. After all, you want your graduation project to be in use long after your internship!

  3. How do you feel when you look back on your internship?

    Great. The atmosphere at HTG is very informal. I had expected a more rigid culture, but the ambiance is very pleasant. I have always received good mentoring, and I was given the freedom to put my own ideas forward. My input as an intern really made a difference. For instance, I suggested rather far-reaching changes (and implemented them too). Nobody just dismissed them as impossible, my suggestions were taken seriously and considered properly.

  4. And: good news, you joined us as our new colleague at HTG after your graduation internship! Tell us about your role.

    I am currently working as a Software Engineer, and I am expanding my internship project, among other tasks. There are a lot of data within HTG that are yet to be made available through the API I developed as part of my internship. I am also working on improving and expanding the existing software. One example is my work on BiT‐Photo and BiT‐Insight, but there are other new projects too.

  5. Now that you have been here a while, what makes you look forward to coming to the office on Monday mornings?

    I especially enjoy the variety: every week offers something different to work on. Sometimes there are urgent jobs that need to be done between projects. Working like this keeps you alert, and every project allows you to be creative in a different way.

    It might be nice to give you an impression of some of the work I did in my first month:

    – I spent the first week making improvements to BiT-Photo. This system was developed by HTG and is used to store and export photographic images of our products.

    – My second week was mostly spent on a project for automating web shop processes.