Christian van Nimwegen

Sales Director
At HTG, you are responsible for your own success. Show that you’re doing good work and be open about your ambitions.
  1. Christian, hoe did you end up at HTG?

    Very simple: there was a vacancy and I applied. After I completed my education, I was looking for a company with an international character. Traveling for work and speaking different languages were important aspects for me. I was very adamant I didn’t want a company where I was just a number; I wanted to be able to make a real difference. It turned out HTG was the company I was looking for!

  2. Our teams are young and ambitious, but what about the career opportunities?

    People often start at HTG as trainees, with the first months dedicated to getting settled in through our Onboarding Track. This is an important phase, because you really do need that time to gain an understanding of the business. As a Junior Sales Manager, you are given your own market, with responsibility for building relationships with your customers. This will expand to include several markets, and eventually you could even be responsible for a number of large Key Accounts. I have been with HTG for about 7 years, and I’ve seen both my own role and the roles of others change throughout those years. The longer you work here, the more you shape and structure your role. Our department genuinely considers your qualities and adapts your job to them. For example, I regularly contribute to IT projects. This really suits me and I am given the freedom to take part. There are plenty of horizontal growth opportunities for you here too. The variety of departments means you can make a switch without having to leave the company.

  3. Could you tell us a bit more about your tasks and activities?

    I am our Director’s right-hand-man for sales. Everyone at our department has his or her own market area, but there are also a lot of new team members. I mentor them and provide a lot of information and explanation about our systems and our trade and business processes. It is important to me that we achieve good sales results as a team. I keep an eye on the bigger picture in terms of stock levels, for instance, what comes in and what goes out. It means the new people can focus completely on doing business. In addition, I still have my own accounts, although this is a smaller percentage of my work than before.

  4. Do you have any other responsibilities at HTG?

    Certainly. I became the chairman of the Works Council a few months ago. As a Works Council member, you represent the employees and act as their voice in dealings with the management team. A co-worker tipped me off about an opening about 3 years ago and said it was right up my alley. At that time, the Works Council was not something I had given much thought to and it really wasn’t that active in the company. All that has changed now! The last year saw more entries for new member elections than ever before and I was given the opportunity to become chairman.

  5. Finally, what do you feel HTG signifies?

    It is a young and vibrant company. And very importantly: you are responsible for your own success. If you show that you’re doing good work and you’re open about your ambitions, you’ll be given the freedom to pursue them. There is plenty of space for people to grow, so seize the opportunities! For commercially-minded people: HTG genuinely allows you to see the world. It’s hard work, but traveling offers unforgettable experiences you share together.