At the right place, at the right time

Logistics is involved in a wide variety of tasks: there is the work carried out by our logistics colleagues in the warehouse, plus everything that needs to be arranged front-of-house and behind the scenes. This includes stock and order management, arranging the right transport for every order, correct planning and making sure this planned schedule goes ahead. Logistics is a hive of activity every day, with all the orders coming in and going out. This is why it is important there’s a clear structure and overview at all times. Colleagues arrange the international transport in our transport cluster (CS). They act as a hub in a wheel where the spokes are the transporters, Commerce and the team members on the floor. This is where you’ll work with shipping companies, customs offices and internal logistics.

In addition, we also have an internal cluster. This is where you’ll find the real process thinkers. People with analytical skills that love to ponder on process optimizations guided by parameters and data. Important: An analytical mind, good communication skills and ambition. HTG is looking for smart and driven people for the logistical heart of our organization. Can you imagine yourself working in one of the environments described above, or maybe even in both? You might just be the person we are looking for!

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