By taking small steps, we can ultimately make big changes

E-commerce has become increasingly important to our business in recent years and the new E-commerce department will ensure that it becomes a big part of our business. With the acquisition of, the largest online perfume webshop in the USA, we have already made a big step towards B2C and the new E-commerce team will further expand the opportunities in the B2C market. We also continue to develop state of the art solutions for our B2B customers to enable and further expand the digital customer journey. And you can be a part of it! The team functions as a internal agency within B&S Group and this enables us to offer you the best of both worlds. You can reap the benefits of being part of a large organization like B&S Group and you are given plenty of room to carry out your work at the level of quality you strive for. We will make sure you have enough time and sufficient budget to properly complete projects and take that extra step.

You will, of course, be responding to the needs of our customers and you will also always be looking for cool ideas that can help our organization grow. Your opinion is important and we want everyone to feel free to share their ideas as well as their mistakes. As a member of our team, you will be involved in building up the department and you will be given plenty of opportunities within our organization to develop both professionally and personally. The fact that we are only just starting out fits perfectly with your mindset: enterprising, curious and especially not afraid to explore new avenues! For our E-commerce team, we are looking for professionals in the areas of Development, Marketing, Data Science and Customer Service in the broadest sense of the word.

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