Advancement Track

Time for enrichment

Innovation is one of the main priorities at HTG and we consider it important that our employees are given room to develop – also when you’ve been working here for some time. We have developed the Advancement Track to follow up on our Onboarding Track for those colleagues who have been working at HTG for 2-3 years. The Track focuses on enrichment and personal leadership so that, together, we can find out what your career will bring in the future.

What can people expect from the Advancement Track? We show you what you can expect by way of a roadmap.

Roadmap Advancement Track

Online & Offline

You can follow the Advancement Track both online and offline. It enables you to participate in various webinars in which you can follow informative e-learning lessons and podcasts that are all intended to inspire you. You can also start working on your personal development by taking personal leadership classes given by an external trainer and by making development assessments. All in all, a program that is fully geared towards your personal growth and development.